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ـــــــــ Why TetraSol Gel®? ـــــــــ

Why TetraSol Gel®?

TetraSilver Technology© is a non-ionic nano silver technology created with the most bioactive silver particle size of 5-7 nanometers covered with a never seen before tetrahedral crystal of TetraSilver Tetroxide.

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TetraSilver TetrOxide crystals are unique in having extra electrons spinning around the atoms of the crystal producing electromagnetic resonating energy equivalent to 910 THz.

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ـــــــــ Indications for TetraSol Gel® ـــــــــ

Indications for TetraSol Gel®

TetraSol® is used as a topical dressing gel for treating the following wounds:

ـــــــــ How to Use it? ـــــــــ

How to Use it?

After wound cleansing, irrigation and drying, a thin layer of the gel is applied covering the wound, waiting for 5 -10 minutes till the wound absorbs the gel.

The wound is then covered with the selected dressing depending on physician’s directions.

This is usually repeated once every day or every other day.

ـــــــــ Where to buy? ـــــــــ

Where to buy?

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