What's TetraSilver Technology©?

TetraSilver Technology© is a non-ionic nano silver technology created with the most bioactive silver particle size of 5-7 nanometers covered with a never seen before tetrahedral crystal of TetraSilver Tetroxide.

How It Works?

TetraSilver TetrOxide crystals are unique in having extra electrons spinning around the atoms of the crystal producing electromagnetic resonating energy equivalent to 910 THz.

Is It Harmful?

TetraSilver TetrOxide is formulated as a slightly alkaline solution (PH 7.4), it is non-acidic like other silver solutions hence works with the body to create an environment where only harmful bacteria are destroyed while leaving natural bacteria unharmed and keeping the immune system intact.

Bacterial Killing

Bacterial outer cell membrance are heavily charged with electrons. TetraSol is capable of stealing electrons from the bacterial outer membrance and the stolen electrons start resonating around the electron hungry Oxygen atoms. The stolen electrons are fired back from the surface of the silver core towards the bacterial cells leading to their rupture and death.

Speeds up Healing

TetraSol causes electrical manipulation at the wound bed. This manipulation stimulates mesenchymal stem cells to migrate to the trauma site at higher concentrations. MSCs speeds up granulation tissue and epidermis layer formation, hence wound healing process.

Reduces Pain

TetraSol is effective in reducing pain, through electromagnetic energy that manipulates the build up of charge in sensory nerve endings & hence the electrical impulse.